Custom Fabrication

A sample or a blueprint is all that is required,

to create or remake a prototype, change part or a replacement part.

We can re-modify, re-engineer and upgrade alloys and finishes

that are a substantial benefit to your production and that will surpass basic O.E.M stock.

Part Repair

In some cases the smallest amount of wear/breakage on a single part can put production to a halt.

and time becomes a valuable commodity.

our specialized micro precision welding and micro precision grinding can repair parts, tooling and gears large and small to O.E.M Specs within hours. 

On-Site if necessary. 

Metal Plating and Polishing

Welding and Grinding

Equipment Maintenance and Overhauling

Warehouse Service

Contact Us

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We love to make new customers, and provide solutions to the most difficult of challenges 

so feel free to contact us anytime during normal business hours.


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We are available and on call 24/7 for Emergency Repairs / Emergency Deadlines